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The Cain Law Firm maintains a significant practice in all types of employment law matters, including:  overtime, wage and hour laws; discrimination based on race, sex, national origin, or religion;  disciplinary actions; leaves of absence; employee handbooks; drug policies; employment agreements; and non-compete agreements.

Employer Representation

The firm can represent Tennessee employers of all sizes with any type of employment matter. From litigation, EEOC investigations, consultations, management training, or drafting of employee handbooks, employment agreements, or non-compete agreements, the Cain Law Firm has the expertise to help employers manage day-to-day employment matters, handle investigations and litigation, and put preventive measures in place to reduce the chances of employment problems. The firm is committed to doing so in a cost-effective manner, using a variety of billing arrangements to meet the needs of any employer.

Employer Representation through Employer Help

While some employers only need help when a problem or need arises, the Cain Law Firm is dedicated to helping employers manage employment issues before a problem arises. To manage employment issues properly, employers need to be able to contact their employment attorney as often as necessary without worrying about expensive legal bills. To resolve this, the firm has developed a program called Employer Help. Through the Employer Help program, employers have access to quality legal advice on an ongoing basis to ensure compliance with workplace laws and benefits laws. But rather than charge on a per hour basis, Employer Help gives employers a set monthly fee that helps employers:

  • control legal costs;
  • stay up-to-date on changes affecting the workplace;
  • update employee handbooks, employee benefits plans, and employment agreements;
  • deal with day-to-day employment issues; and
  • maintain employment policies that will help avoid legal trouble.

Through Employer Help, the intent is to prevent employment issues. However, in the event a client is threatened with a lawsuit, the firm can handle the case throughout the litigation process.

Employee Representation

The firm also represents individuals who have been victims of unlawful discrimination, wrongful termination, wage and hour practices, and various other employment law violations. Generally, representation of individuals is done on a contingency fee basis.

We also represent employees (or potential employees) in negotiating employment contracts and non-compete agreements. These types of cases are typically handled on a very affordable flat-fee or hourly rate basis.