Firearms Law in Nashville, Franklin & Williamson County, TN

The Cain Law Firm believes in the 2nd Amendment rights of individuals and maintains a significant practice in the areas of defense litigation, asserting Constitutional rights, business law for firearms dealers and instructors, and setting up NFA trusts.

Self Defense Law

Self Defense Law

Self-Defense Litigation

The Cain Law Firm represents individuals, gun dealers, and firearms instructors in defending cases involving the use or sale of firearms. Specifically, the firm handles the following types of cases:

  • Federal Firearms Licensing ("FFL") and related issues, including investigations by the BATFE and state law enforcement;
  • self-defense cases;
  • liability cases arising from firearms ownership, firearms training, and firearms sales; and
  • defense of LEOs in use of firearms.
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NFA Trusts

The firm also helps individuals set up trusts, called "gun trusts" or "NFA trusts," for the purpose of holding Class III firearms. Generally, an NFA trust is easier to use than buying a Class III firearm in a person's individual capacity. An NFA trust also allows the firearm to be passed to the beneficiaries of the trust without paying a second tax upon the death of the registrant. The firm makes it easy to set up an NFA trust. Using a simple questionnaire, we can often complete the trust documents for a client living anywhere in Tennessee without the need for the client to visit our office.

Dealers and Instructors

The firm advises federal firearms dealers and firearms instructors on various issues related to federal firearms licenses, liability issues, waivers of liability, and general business issues. Because the firm is dedicated to the support of the 2nd Amendment through active participation in the National Rifle Association, the Tennessee Firearms Association, and various other gun-related organizations, the firm understands the needs of the firearm dealer and instructor. As a result, the firm provides a full range of legal services to businesses and business owners in the firearms industry.

Constitutional Rights

The firm handles cases related to asserting one's 2nd Amendment rights, including the following:

  • firearms sales and purchases;
  • regaining rights to obtain or use firearms;
  • orders of protection issues related to firearms possession and ownership;
  • government bans on carrying or using firearms; and
  • various other firearms-related issues.